To the Editor: Golden votes no on Build Back Better 

To the Editor:
[This letter was submitted to the Islander on Friday, Nov. 19, and the day references were left as written by the author.] 

Yesterday, although still playing it coy on his vote, Maine CD2 Rep. Jared Golden was the GOP poster boy for Democratic opposition to the Build Back Better bill. Their praise must have gone to his head. Today the House passed the social infrastructure bill without Golden’s support – despite the bill’s myriad of benefits for the majority of Mainers and of Americans. Golden rose to the bad eminence of being the first Democrat to vote no.
In defense of marching lockstep with Republican leadership and joining such luminaries as Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, Golden says “Democrats must do better” to win his support. In this, the putatively moderate Golden joins purity test extremists such as those for whom Hillary Clinton was not good enough. We know how well that worked out.
Golden says he objected to one element of the comprehensive bill. That is as though CD2 voters were to reject Golden based on one of his objectionable votes. Golden’s decision stinks. To strategically keep the Democratic majority in Congress, and amplify the voices of those actually working for our good, many of us will have to hold our nose to vote for Golden, again. But the only thing worse than a Democrat who won’t support his party’s best is a Republican who will support his party’s worst. There is a difference.
Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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