To the Editor: Glorified parking lot

To the Editor: 

I am a long-time Tremont residentI have recently learned of a proposal to build a 154-site “campground” on 43 acres in the village of West Tremont. This vision is very short sighted and will irreparably change the very nature of the “Quietside” we all appreciate. 

Instead of trying to pack in more tourists and a tacky “Santa Village, how about a model, affordable and sustainable “village” for people trying to stay on this beautiful island they grew up on so they can contribute their skills to our island communities? How about a planned village of small solar-powered homes, generous community garden space, playground and walking paths for year-round residents of modest means? 

Have you experienced the Tremont roads lately? Now picture two 40-feet-long by 8.5-feet-wide motor coaches (times 74) passing each other in opposite directions, day in and day out on our potholed, winding, hilly roads with no shoulders and no room for error. 

Please, even as the National Park Sservice builds fee stations and reservation requirements to drive up Cadillac Mountain, don’t draw more tourists to an island and a national park already exceeding carrying capacity. 

Please, build something to enhance the character of the community you say you care about. 

Please, be part of a solution and don’t contribute to an already intractable problem. 

And please don’t add insult to injury by naming your proposed glorified parking lot “Acadia Wilderness. You might call it “Acadia Village” instead, in memory of the village it is about to destroy. 

Kathy VanGorder 

West Tremont 

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