To the Editor: Give them a choice 

To the Editor: 

How would you feel if someone told you to change your clothes? Not great, right? Then imagine what Muslim women are going through right now. I think Muslim women should have a choice to wear hijabs because everyone should have a choice to wear what they want. Also, Muslim women have had a hard time. They have been called names and more. I think they deserve better out of this world. 

Muslim woman should have choice. It’s not something people can control. It’s their culture. Muslim women are so nice. All Muslim people are nice. Leave things in the past and look into the future. It’s not what they did that made you scared of their culture.  

Let me tell you something. Did you know that in France, Muslim women aren’t allowed to wear their hijab when doing sports? Do you want to know why? Because they think Muslim women are taking a side when wearing hijabs during sports. It doesn’t make sense because it’s not really taking a side. It’s just their culture. 

Some people think Muslim women should not wear a hijab because it is dangerous for people when they are around. I think Muslim women are like any other human. They have a choice to do whatever they want. They’re not dangerous. They’re just themselves. I got to be honest, I wish I could wear a hijab. Don’t judge them. You aren’t God or whatever you believe in. 


Justina Hendricks 

Connors Emerson School

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