To the Editor: Getting the blow off 

To the Editor: 

Back on Oct. 7, 2021, I submitted a petition signed by 20 landowners in the neighborhood that includes Highbrook, Bloomfield, Cleftstone and Champlain roads, to lower the speed limit to 20 mph, which we feel is a prudent speed for these roads. The town only requires four signatures for a petition. But, as of yet, it has not been heard by the Town Council. 

In July 2021, I requested the speed machines and was blown off until late September/early October when they finally showed up. The traffic flow had slowed by then. The police department found our complaints to be unsubstantiated because only 60-some vehicles had been 1-10 mph over the 25-mph limit. Well, in our opinion, that is 60 too many in this neighborhood. The roads are narrow with no sidewalks, and many people walk their pets, walk and ride bikes here now that the bikes to the park have been routed up Highbrook Road. 

Take into account that six of these landowners are on corner lots, which see more traffic than the others, and we feel that the speed machines are not the answer to our problem.  

In June of 2022, when I stopped in to introduce myself to the town manager and ask what was up with the petition, he said it isn’t his fault that GPS has sent people up the side streets. Well, I beg to differ. It is his job to look into these 20 taxpayers’ complaints.  

We would like to see seasonal speed bumps or flashing speed signs and we would like some form of relief.  

Whitey Carpenter 

Bar Harbor 

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