To the Editor: Get the shot

To the Editor: 

A relative of mine is reluctant to get a COVID-19 vaccination. He fits the normal profile for people who refuse to get the shot. The normal arguments won’t work on him, so I had to think of another way to get through to him. 

I asked him to imagine himself as a WET member. WET stands for Warrant Entry Team, a specialized police unit called in on dangerous situations.  

I asked him if he would wear the bulletproof vest and Kevlar helmet worn by WET members. “Of course, he said, without any need to think about it. I replied that he could still get shot in the arm or the leg. “Yeah, but that won’t kill me,” he shot back (pun intended). I sat there in silence for his response to sink in. It did.  

Please get the shot. It won’t kill you and it’ll help prevent serious illness, ensure our friends and loved ones are protected and help revive our local businesses.  

Tom Walker 

Mount Desert 

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