To the Editor: Get out and vote 

To the Editor: 

I am writing this letter to endorse two candidates for the Select Board in the upcoming Southwest Harbor municipal election.  

Allen “Snap” Willey, who is presently serving and running for reelection, was a longtime (36 years) public works employee who knows the town infrastructure. He is a lifetime resident and truly cares for our town. Allen is very level-headed and looks at all spending requests in a cost/benefit manner and what will help the town the most.  

The other candidate is Mike Magnani, who is running for the first time for the Select Board, but who previously served 10 years on the Planning Board. Mike also looks at costs versus benefit to the town before committing taxpayer money to a project or request.  

With inflation going through the roof, gas, heating oil, groceries and most all consumer goods at record highs, we, the taxpayers of Southwest Harbor, should look hard at two fiscally responsible Select Board candidates. Both of these people will serve our town well.  

Get out and vote. 


Merle Cousins 

S.W. Harbor 


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