To the Editor: Fire risk 

To the Editor: 

According to the San Francisco AP, “Pacific Gas & Electric equipment may have been involved in the start of the big Dixie Fire burning in the Sierra Nevada, the nation’s largest utility reported to California regulators…. The Dixie Fire has grown to nearly 47 square miles… largely in remote wilderness.”  Horrifically, this is not uncommon for the utility as PG&E equipment has already been linked to previous major wildfires responsible for loss of lives and properties. 

Here in Maine, CMP has continuously ranked lower than PG&E. A survey by Escalent of Michigan shows customers have less trust in CMP than in 139 of the nation’s largest utilities. 

In 2020, for three successive years, market research firm J.D. Power published survey results showing CMP ranked WORST among 88 U.S. electricity providers in “business customer satisfaction.” 

And we want CMP, already failing Maine ratepayers, to operate an additional 145-mile transmission line for Massachusetts? Plus, this line, with no fire/rescue services the first 70 miles, will be Maine’s first to carry Direct Current technology, which experts testified was older and prone to faults! 

Our own Maine State Federation of Firefighters issued a 2019 letter warning that “no evaluation, assessment, or documentation of the fire, emergency medical, terrorism and other risks, or the services and equipment needed to mitigate those risks, have been formally identified, discussed, studied, and/or reported on” by CMP. 

No, thank you!  I’m voting YES to REJECT this November and protect western Maine from fires. 

Susan Hathaway 

The Forks Plantation 

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