To the Editor: False premise 

To the Editor: 

In his Viewpoint in the March 17 issue of the Islander, with the headline, “The U.S. never pursued diplomacy,” Hank Davis gives lip service to deploring Russian President Vladimir Putin’s behavior, gives a hopscotch tour of his view of history, and ends where he began, by declaring Putin’s concerns legitimate and blaming “the U.S., reckless and full of hubris” as the prime mover of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

I would suggest that this perspective starts from a false premise that Ukraine’s ideological and political move to the West poses such an existential threat to the Russian Federation that it requires special military action to put Ukraine in its place. In fact, since after World War II, the Warsaw Pact nations, the Soviet Union and Russia have been within local reach of Western forces without a military attack. Only the Soviet Union and Russia have invaded neighboring nations. 

In fact, at most, Ukranian democracy poses a threat only to Putin’s authoritarian grip on Russia so Putin chose to deploy the powers of state to solve his own political problem. Dr. Davis gives a classic excuse for abuse. Like the partner who says, “I don’t like your friends. So I’m forced to beat you to death.” 


Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 


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