To the Editor: False equivalencies 

To the Editor: 

Bernard Kouchner, one of the founders of Doctors Without Borders, is quoted as saying: “Between the strong and the weak, it’s liberty that oppresses and the law that liberates.” 

This struck me in thinking of the false equivalencies Republicans are making between Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests marred by violence and the Republican sacking of the Capitol in which violence was the point. 

The BLM protests evince faith in the Constitution and in the potential for achieving equality under the law.  

The Trump insurrection – both procedural sedition within the chambers and physical assault on the seat of government – evinced contempt for equality under the law. Republicans sought to keep Trump in office by suppressing the votes of Black Americans.  

Yes. Republicans misread liberty to mean perpetuating unearned privileges by perverting the law. BLM appeals to the law to relieve Black Americans of the burden of the undeserved disadvantages of systemic racism – of white supremacism taking liberties with their lives. 

I hope the House managers make this point in their indictment of former president Trump. 


Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 

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