To the Editor: Encourage participation 

To the Editor: 

I am pleased to echo what RepGrohoski discussed in her recent commentary. I fully support LD 231, An Act to Establish Open Primaries. We should do everything we can to encourage full participation in elections and preventing those who do not choose to register in a party is discouraging those voters, not encouraging them. There are many reasons why someone may choose to remain as an independent voter, which I was for many years. Avoiding affiliation with a party may appeal to one’s independent spirit and a sense of openness to at least hearing all points of view. Or, on the banal side, one might want to just avoid the overwhelming and, I believe, unnecessary intrusion of email and text messages from the various parties. 

The majority party in District 135, which I represent, and which includes Bar Harbor, Lamoine and Mount Desert, is the Democratic Party, and the next largest “party” is made up of those who have not chosen a party. It is time that we make a place for them in the primary process and LD 231 is a start. I thank the League of Women Voters and other supporting groups and elected officials for giving us this opportunity, and I will be proud to vote for LD 231 when it comes up for a vote. This bill will first be heard by the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee and the date has not yet been chosen. If you would like to listen in, or testify, via Zoom, or submit written testimony on this issue, check There will be a notice when the hearing is scheduled. 

Rep. Lynne Williams 

District 135 


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