To the Editor: Electricity plan charges ahead 

To the Editor:

I was elated to learn that the legislation to establish a consumer-owned utility for electricity in Maine was passed out of committee and is on its way to the full Legislature for votes. It has bipartisan support. If approved by Governor Mills, it will go to the voters in November. I have been following this legislation for some time and am convinced that a consumer-driven utility can do a much better job of providing electricity to Mainers than profit-driven CMP and Versant have been doing. The proposed nonprofit Pine Tree Power Co. will be less expensive and more reliable. Electricity, like water, is something we all need. We do not need foreignowned entities like CMP (owned by Iberdrola of Spain) and Versant (owned by the city of Calgary) taking their profits out of Maine. We need an outfit with the best interests of Mainers in mind to develop our grid and make it more adaptable to generators of renewable energy such as community solar farms. 

Of course, those who profit from our need for electricity oppose Pine Tree Power, and they have tons of money to buy ads and spokespeople to put forth their line. Get ready for a deluge of false “information” about consumerowned utilities. Be informed and urge your Maine legislators to support LD 1708 so that Maine voters can decide our energy future. Thank state Rep. Nicole Grohoski (Ellsworth and Trenton) for co-sponsoring this groundbreaking legislationYou can learn more at 

Martha Dickinson 


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