To the Editor: Electric bill savings 

To the Editor: 

Our state suffers from high energy bills, and one thing that’s been lost in the debate over the new transmission line from Quebec is that this project will save Maine families money on their electric bills.  

The state Department of Public Utilities (DPU), which reviewed the project and hired an independent expert to analyze the economics, found that the project would cut electric costs in Maine by between $33 and $63 million every year. On top of that, the power line developers will pay $140 million over 40 years, or $3.5 million a year, into a rate relief fund which will further cut electric bills for Maine consumers, and offer below market rate power to Maine consumers, enough to supply 70,000 homes. 

What does this mean in real terms for the average Maine family? If the annual savings are on the high end ($63 million and added to $3.5 million per year in rate relief), the total savings per year are $66.5 million. Assuming these savings are spread out evenly to Maine’s 570,000 households, each household in Maine will save about $116 per year on their electric bills, about 10 percent of their total bill. 

To some, $116 in savings per year may not seem like a lot. But to many struggling families in Maine, those savings will be welcomed and appreciated. I plan on voting No on Question 1 to make sure these savings are not taken away from Maine families. 


Garrett Clemmer 


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