To the Editor: Education for prevention 

To the Editor: 

On Saturday, May 14, Black people of many ages were targeted at a Buffalo, N.Y., supermarket. This shooting was outside a market in a predominantly Black community.  

The teenage gunman was entranced by a white supremacist ideology known as the replacement theory. He killed 10 people and injured three more – almost all were Black. The security system filmed a video of the shooter apologizing to the white cashier.  

These acts of violence show how this country needs to have better and more education on racism and discrimination as well as increased gun control.  

The shooter had a history of making threats, yet he was still allowed to have a gun.  

We find it’s important to address that although the shooting was done by one individual, the discrimination that fueled this hate crime was produced by others supporting this uneducated bias.  

This is why the Civil Rights Team at Conners Emerson School, comprised of Geoffrey Beane, Harper DeGeorge, Molly Dority, Ruby DeMuro, Taylor Ehrlich, Porter Graham, Shriya Muthukumar, Zoe O’Connor, Rowan Preston-Schreck, Anna Rabasca, Cora VanDongen and Bree Yarborough, with team advisor Jaylene B. Roths, believes in the importance of educating others so that we may prevent events such as this in the future. 

Sending our deepest condolences to the affected families and community. 


Civil Rights Team 

Conners Emerson School 

Bar Harbor 


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