To the Editor: Don’t risk it 

To the Editor: 

I am writing you as a registered nurse who works at MDI Hospital. I am also a member of the Maine State Nurses Association, the largest union serving registered nurses in Maine. 

Across our state, nurses are seeing dramatic and alarming increases in the numbers of COVID-19 positive patients. Yes, the vaccine will help stem the tide sometime in the future, but right now, too many Mainers are becoming infected and even dying unnecessarily.  

There is no mystery as to how we can turn this around. If everyone would wear a mask, keep their distance from others and wash their hands more often than normal, we can literally save the lives of our friends, family members and neighbors. And, of course, we all need to be extra careful during the holidays. We all want to be with our family and friends but this year it is just too dangerous. We know that holiday gatherings of people outside their own households can easily become breeding grounds for this virus to infect and potentially kill those we love. 

So please, take this advice from the nurses: Don’t put yourself and those you most cherish at risk. Gather with those in your own household but keep your festivities safe by limiting them to those people. We want to see you all healthy and happy in the new year.  

Portia Judson, RN 

Bar Harbor 

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