To the Editor: Doing the right thing 

To the Editor: 

Dear Bar Harbor visitors, 

We have been seeing trash all over the place and we are trying to keep the trash out of the water and out of the streets. 

Plastic in the ocean is a threat to sea turtles, seabirds and other mammals. When someone learns about ocean plastic pollution the most common initial response we hear is, “Let’s just hire some ships and go clean it up.” But if you were an animal, you would be hiding so you would be safe. But over 267 animals are in grave danger because of trash in the water. 

What if your kids grow up and the trash has gotten out of hand? Do you want them to see that and think that it is OK? Then that can be bad to the world and the animals. But if you would like to save the animals, then taking care of trash is the right thing to do and that will be amazing. Because the plastic has poison in it and it spreads through the water and into lakes and then the ocean and everywhere. But to us and animals, when we drink the water, we can get poison in our bodies and that is really bad. Animals can get it too and it is most likely caused by us. 

So the next time you have something in your hands, put it in the right place so you don’t have to worry because you are doing the right thing. You can change the world doing what is right, and if you do, you are amazing. Doing the right thing gets first place in everything to me.  


Kayla Shepherd 

Connors Emerson School 

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