To the Editor: Discussing trauma 

To the Editor: 

Trauma is often not discussed or it is shied away from nowadays. Many find trauma in minors almost unbearable to talk of. This topic should be more widely discussed, and action should take place. Trauma can be someone being physically hurt or losing a loved one or even seeing someone fighting with another. This can often have lasting effects on individuals. Minors experiencing trauma often have a lasting physical, spiritual and mental harm. 

The Traumatic Stress Network states that ages 0-2 start having memory problems or eating disorders because of trauma. Ages 3-6 can have difficulty focusing, learning disabilities, they can be verbally abusive or have a lack of self confidence. Parents or guardians can often mistake these reactions as misbehavior and punish them. Children either close up or always talk of it and relive it all of the time. 

God told the church in James 1:27, “…look after orphans and widows in their distress…” He does not mention the government but the church. Many churches should be supporting orphans and helping children from unsteady backgrounds. The church is ordered by God to help the widows and orphans. 

Trauma is a worldwide issue that should be talked of more and action should be taken. Trauma is real even if it doesn’t happen to you. We are the ones that can make a difference. 


Eliana Welch 

Bar Harbor 

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