To the Editor: Democracy in decline 

To the Editor: 

Is it too late to save our democracy? Why is the world’s leading democracy becoming anti-democratic? You know democracy is in (serious) trouble when: 

  • Facts no longer matter
  • Science and medicine cannot be trusted
  • Voting rights are being systematically and actively subverted
  • Key principles in the Constitution are flatly ignored
  • Political power means more than principle
  • Elected officials boldly and intentionally lie and misinform
  • The Oath of Office becomes meaningless
  • The rule of law is ignored at will
  • “Newscasters” purposely mislead and misinform
  • Hypocrisy becomes routine
  • Opinion leaders “rewrite history” for their own purposes
  • Many no longer seek the truth but blindly believe conspiracy theories and “big lies”
  • Elected officials seek or retain power at any cost – the end justifies the means
  • Compromise and bipartisanship are condemned
  • Blanket hatred is allowed to blind us to another’s good
  • Critical problems become politicized and therefore unsolvable (e.g.climate change)
  • Some leaders stoke rage, hatred and divisiveness for selfish purposes
  • People get alltheir information only from sources that believe as they do

In a healthy democracy, elected officials must respect each other, openly debate issues, argue the facts, and in the end find common ground to do what is best for the greater good. 

Our democracy is in decline. Can anything be done to reverse these terrible trends? Let’s hope so. 


Sheridan Steele 

Mount Desert 

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