To the Editor: Deflecting the focus 

To the Editor: 

Thank you for Dick Broom’s fine reporting on my Leonard Leo graffiti project. I fear that by pressuring town officials, Leo has deflected the focus from our community protest against Leo’s impact on American government and society – our most vulnerable neighbors, our fragile planet and our endangered democracy – to put the spotlight on the act of my graffiti rather than the message. Come to think of it, literally the medium rather than the message. 

I think Leo’s local activities in his own vain interests have put undue pressure on Chief Willis and Capt. Kerns, who, in my experience, personify the best of community policing in balancing the requirements of the law, the needs of the community and the rights of us all. And, of course, it is Leonard Leo’s weaponizing big money and religious sentiment to pervert justice and deny us our civil rights that I am protesting. And it is Leo’s vicious instigation of the arrest of a young neighbor by Mount Desert Police and the Hancock County DA through an unusual, if not unique, application of the Disorderly Conduct law, a merciless miscarriage of justice, that jumpstarted my graffiti project. 

I want to get the spotlight back on Leo’s national machinations, which harm us all. Much as I appreciate their humor and good will, I don’t want people offering to bake me files in cakes or other help.  I want everyone to “Google Leonard Leo = Corrupt Courts.” 

I will continue my Leonard Leo graffiti project (with less flamboyant and more discrete messaging and with more temporary chalk paint – still getting the art and science of that) in consultation with Chief Willis and Capt. Kerns. On my part, this is intended as a one-time project of limited duration in response to Leonard Leo’s uniquely malign and disproportionate impact on life in America, and now, on MDI. 

Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 



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