To the Editor: Definition of caring 

To the Editor: 

On April 18, my husband was admitted to MDI Hospital where he stayed until he was discharged on April 28. This was a most difficult time as we continue to navigate through our Alzheimer’s journey, but the entire staff who cared for us could not have been more compassionate, supportive and comforting.  

My daily visits began with the friendly greeting of Ian the security guard who not only offered me a friendly smile, but also the lesson that I am a valuable human being.  

The nurses: Katie in the Emergency Department who walked me through the admission first night with understanding and empathy; Maddrey, nurse in the ICU who listened to me for an hour, cried with me, calmed me, gave me solutions to an almost impossible situation; Teodora, Sally, Ginger and Deborah from Nebraska who showed me what compassion really means (I’m glad you got up to Cadillac for sunset, Deb). 

Physician Assistant Hilary Hudson who I now count as a kindred spirit, and who gave me the very wise prescription to take a hike; Dr. Brown who now knows the meaning of “Hoya Saxa;” Lynne Assaf for her tireless efforts for discharge placement; physical therapist, Grace, and occupational therapist, Katie, for getting Gerry up on his feet again; Angel, whose name exemplifies her kind acts of a shampoo and a shave; social worker and palliative care team member, Heather Sinclair, for her shoulder to lean on; Geraldine, the housekeeper, who kept everything clean but more importantly offered her twin, “Gerry,” a friendly smile each day; and Domingo, the electrician, who for 25 years has worked at MDI Hospital and does it with such a positive attitude.  

To all whom I encountered during this 10-day period, know that you taught me the definition of caring. You strengthened me, guided me, encouraged me and helped me through a very difficult time. I will never forget your time and efforts for “Team Gerry.” How lucky we are in this community to have you. 

Maureen Fournier 

Bar Harbor 





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