To the Editor: Deeply disappointed  

To the Editor: 

Also, Dear Congressman Golden,

I am deeply disappointed with your vote on H.R. 1319 – American Rescue Plan Act. What you and Congress have funded in the past has no bearing on this billThis bill ensures continuation of programs and their funding and augments what has been done in other bills.

For me, this act attempts to restore a robust and widespread sense of security among all people in our nation – that they will have adequate housing; good food; clean water; affordable, quality, accessible health care; education; and jobs. Our nation can do all of that, but only if we are willing to undertake the work needed to ensure all of those for all people. We need people to be able to survive the current emergency and prosper afterwards.

I no longer understand what it is you represent nor where your values lie. I am deeply disappointed with your vote.

Jayne Ashworth 


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