To the Editor: Cruise ships should be banned 

To the editor: 

We should have been doing our homework on what cruise ships burn for fuel before we invited them back in the 80’s. Now, 65 percent of Bar Harbor residents think they have a negative impact on the community.  

Some of the town’s highest-profit businesses have complained, as have other businesses. In fact, we are doing better business now without them.  

There is up to 100 times more profit to be generated by an overnight Airbnb or weekly renter than by a cruiser whose ride audaciously parks in your front yard and then proceeds to turn a combustion engine that burns 600 gallons of fuel per hour of the cheapest, bottom-of-the-barrel crude oil, emitting as much sulfur dioxide as 36,000 idling semi-trucks. 

In the Fall of 2019, I alerted the Department of Marine Resources, the Mills Administration and the four federal representatives to Maine as well as the Maine Legislature that it was cruise ships had killed between 18 and 21 critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. The whales were negligently mowed down at night by ships taking a short cut between Prince Edward Island and the Gaspe Peninsula.  

As you know the Mills Administration and the Legislature are fit to be tied by NOAA blaming the lobstermen for entanglements they cannot prove, while cruise ships are left unabated are sending the whales on a path to extinction.   

Fortunately, the short cut has been closed but it was the coronavirus pandemic that ultimately proved that cruise ships were doing the damage up there in Canada.  

Since the start of the pandemic, which has led to a shuttering of the cruise ship industry, there have been zero whale deaths. 


Jim O’Connell 

Bar Harbor 

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