To the Editor: Conflict of interest? 

To the Editor: 

The recent release of secret emails by the Maine Business Court (Judge Michael Duddy) regarding interactions between the attorney for Acadia Wilderness Lodge and public officials of Tremont (particularly Tremont’s legal counsel) raises serious questions about the legality, appropriateness and intent of these interactions. 

These interactions included: issuance of code violations, unannounced scheduling of meetings, and premature writing of consent order with establishment of associated penalties in concert with the offenders. The emails reveal that, though in the public domain, these issues were resolved and finalized secretly, without any public awareness or input. 

It is unclear whether these activities merit legal action, but regardless, the validity of the consent agreement and associated penalties are clearly questionable and should be scrutinized. However, because many of Tremont’s officials were possibly directly or indirectly involved, the question of conflict of interest arises. Nevertheless, to maintain trust in our local government, public and proper adjudication should be addressed. The voices of Tremont residents should be heard and the integrity of our community maintained. 


Ralph Shapiro 

Seal Cove 


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