To the Editor: Compromised survey

To the Editor: 

Bar Harbor’s cruise ship survey was never going to be airtight, and was still, despite hours of work by our Town Council, sadly biased (I’m not alone in thinking this) 

But once it was opened up to anyone anywhere—without the personalized code given to Bar Harbor residents, taxpayers and nonresident business owners—its credibility as an accurate reflection of local sentiment was lost. 

This isn’t what Town Council members agreed on, isn’t what was stated on the survey itselfInviting (on the town website and in last week’s Islander) anyone and everyone to weigh in was like opening a darkroom door before the film is developed.  

Pity, because this surveycosting both time and moneywas requested by our Town Council to give them a sense of where we as a town are in our thinking about cruise ships. Clearly, we’re going to have to vote to know what we really want.  

Cara Ryan 

Bar Harbor 

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