To the Editor: Community treasure 

To the Editor: 

One of our earliest memories of Bar Harbor, many years before we moved here in 2001, was driving down Mt. Desert Street in August and seeing books for sale on the lawn of this lovely brick building. Since we’ve always loved books, we had to find out what was happening. The activity on the lawn, as great as that was, couldn’t compare to going in the building for the first time! This was our introduction to the Jesup and, after we moved here, we’ve supported the library ever since.  

Like many in town, we were regular patrons, helped to move boxes for the book sale, bought a few choice titles and contributed to the annual fund each year. Then our commitment and love for the Jesup grew even more. Our son Paul passed away in a car accident in 2015. We were hoping to find a meaningful way to honor him with the generous donations we received in his memory. Paul was always interested in books and learning, so the library seemed the perfect organization. We approached Ruth since we knew they were starting a campaign to renovate and grow the Jesup. We were completely overwhelmed by their idea of creating a “Philosopher’s Corner” in the building as well as an annual lecture series on a topic in philosophy. Paul had recently received his doctorate in philosophy and was headed to give a lecture when his car skidded off an icy road in Wisconsin. The library staff brought together a group of interested community members to plan the series. The first lectures were presented by two of Paul’s fellow students. The next two lecturers were individuals who had grown up on MDI and went on to study philosophy. Each of the talks has proven to be a chance for our community to be engaged in thought provoking discussions that rarely happen during our everyday lives. We are so grateful to the Jesup staff for developing such a uniquely positive way to pay tribute to our son.  

We continue our support because of the library’s mission to connect people in their pursuit of knowledge and new ideas. We hope you’ll join with us in helping the Jesup reach their goals for expansion by making a pledge toward their capital campaign, and we hope you’ll join us for the next Paul Hammond Philosophy Lecture in October.  

Scott and Debby Hammond 

Bar Harbor 


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