To the Editor: Chowder left me broke 

Today in the mail,  

I letter I found, 

Asking for help,  

for a cause that seemed sound. 

Our fishermen it seems,  

are floundering away, 

Windmills and whales  

are reducing their pay. 

And for my donation,  

this recipe card, 

Capt. Leroy’s Seafood chowder,  

it shouldn’t be hard. 

So off to the store,  

my new recipe in hand, 

to purchase ingredients,  

not found on land. 

3 pounds of scallops,  

$48 please 

2 pounds of crabmeat,  

$56, I can’t buy the cheese. 

4 pounds of lobster meat,  

at $50 a pound, 

My available funds,  

were quickly going down. 

The butter, the onions,  

all going in the pot, 

The $320 total  

was soon over the top. 

But think of the 10 people  

this chowder will feed, 

I hope you’ll enjoy it,  

while considering our need. 

I might have sent money,  

but now it was gone, 

“We’re in the Money,” I think,  

is the fisherman’s new song. 


Rob Bauer 

Blue Hill 

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