To the Editor: Camel’s nose 

To the Editor: 

The proposed 154space campground on 42 acres on Tremont Road will have a significant impact on the entire west side of the island. There will be an additional 150-plus vehicles (70 of them RVs) rolling down the roads. All those RVs and cars will be lumbering through Somesville, down Indian Point Road, over Pretty Marsh Road and through downtown Southwest Harbor. Anyone who lives at the head of the island in Bar Harbor or Mount Desert will be affected. Those of us who live in main roads especially so. A change in use of this magnitude deserves an islandwide discussion. It does not seem that current zoning supports this kind of density on that land. Density is density whether it is permanent structures or not. Our towns do not exist in isolation. For those people who live on the islandtheir quality of life will be significantly impacted so someone who lives in Florida can extract profit from a land purchase. This is the camels nose under the tent. The next time it could be next door to your house. With this sort of development, the Quietside will no longer be quiet.

Laura Grier
Mount Desert 

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