To the Editor: Call for action

To the Editor:

The pandemic has laid bare the harsh realities of our current for-profit health care system. Besides my own personal and professional story battling this impersonal, complex and expensive system, I was further compelled to work on the issue of health care when the pandemic exposed the many failures of our current system of accessing and providing health care in our country.

Although health care policy is set at the national and state level, local governments must often deal with the consequences of an unaffordable and inequitable health insurance system. The skyrocketing costs of insurance premiums for municipal employees is straining local government budgets. Now many towns are adopting resolutions calling for the state Legislature to design and implement a health care plan that will cover every Maine resident with medical care. This effort has been pioneered by Maine AllCare, an organization that promotes the establishment of a publicly funded health care system (

In my own town of Trenton, instead of being voted on by the town Select Board, a resolution was presented for a vote at the Town Meeting on May 17, and a large majority of Trenton residents voted to support the creation of an equitable health care plan for all Maine residents. It is time for a change that will benefit all the residents of Maine and without risking personal bankruptcy. We can do better and must! And thankfully the citizens of Trenton recognize this.


Starr C. Gilmartin


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