To the Editor: Bridge to the dump 

To the Editor: 

I frequent the Bar Harbor Transfer Station, aka The Dump, on a weekly basis, sometimes more often. Currently, and for some time, there has been a bridge traffic light; a necessity as the bridge is single lane. A number of years ago, a walkway, quite nice, was installed for foot and bicycle traffic. Thus, I had hopes that the single lane bridge would be repaired to accommodate two-way traffic, making the traffic light obsolete. Alas, there has been no sign of this occurring. 

The stop light is an annoyance, albeit a minor one in the vast scheme of things that are plaguing us these days; nonetheless, it is a frustration. The traffic light location is on the Great Meadow Road, or is it on the extension of Ledgelawn Avenue, or is it on a short and nameless stretch of road? Unclear. The light seems poorly synchronized and necessitates a prolonged wait both going to and coming from The Dump. 

Is there a plan to replace this bridge so that it can accommodate two-way traffic? Or is the current bridge/light the ultimate solution? Can we hope for easier access to The Dump in the foreseeable future? Ever hopeful… 


Judith Burger-Gossart 

Salsbury Cove 

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