To the Editor: Bogus charges  

To the Editor: 

A recent letter to the editor printed in The Ellsworth American presented a pack of lies about one candidate for the Hancock County seat in the Maine Senate to be decided at the June 14 special election. The slurs against Representative Nicole Grohoski are not worthy of serious discourse. It wouldn’t be fair to Grohoski to repeat the false claims here. 

Disturbingly, these bogus charges are the same as the content of push-polls being made throughout Hancock County. A push-poll call is one the most shameful forms of political campaigning. It presents deceptive accusations and asks the recipient of the call if that would make them more or less likely to vote for the candidate against whom the attack is directed. The purpose isn’t to conduct a legitimate poll. Instead it is a to spread smears. The source of these push-poll calls is anonymous. By avoiding responsibility for those behind the lies, it is one of the worst forms of negative campaigning. 

However, the letter published in The American presenting the same made-up allegations reveals the origin of the nasty calls as supporters of the candidate opposing Rep. Grohoski, former state senator Brian Langley. Please recall that Langley ran against Louie Luchini for this same senate seat in 2020 and lost 45 percent to 55 percent. 

To make matters even worse, Mr. Langley refuses to expose himself to questions about the phony allegations leveled at his opponent. He has broken with long-standing tradition of participating in the forum sponsored by the independent and non-partisan League of Women Voters. Mr. Langley refuses to participate and face the truth about the negative campaigning, or to engage in an honest debate about policies that voters care about. He won’t defend his record on education, health care, the environment, and many other important issues where his record is out of step. 

The voters of Hancock County should see through this and reject Mr. Langley’s candidacy. Instead we can vote for Nicole Grohoski, who has proven to be an honest, hard-working and caring representative. She has been a strong advocate for better education, more access to health care, better stewardship of our environment, womens’ rights, and so much more. Grohoski will be a worthy and forward-thinking successor to our recent state senator, Louie Luchini. 


Alfred Judd 


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