To the Editor: Beyond capacity

To the Editor: 

The enormous scale of the proposed Acadia Wilderness Lodge causes me to comment. As a legal resident of Bar Harbor, I would only make my views known about land use issues in Tremont under extraordinary circumstances, a threshold this proposal meets. 

The summer crowds on Mount Desert Island have grown so large that the pleasure of living here has been greatly diminished. Over the years the cumulative impact of ever more development to serve tourists has resulted in reports of more and more visitors to Acadia National Park saying that they have been so discouraged by the crowding that they will never return in summer months. The fact is that Mount Desert Island in summer months is beyond reasonable capacity. The roads, the parking lots, the stores and restaurants, and the trails all are often so crowded that leaving one’s own property is too frequently an exercise in aggravation. 

I understand that the proposed overnight capacity of Acadia Wilderness Lodge would make it one of the very largest overnight accommodation facilities on the island. Moreover, because of the planned number of RV sites, a greater percentage of the customers will be driving and hauling large vehicles over the island’s roads than would be the case for a comparably sized conventional hotel. So many additional large vehicles would add too much traffic burden on Somesville, the village of Southwest Harbor, all of Route 102 and the Indian Point Road. 

I am a believer in the rights of private property owners to use their land as they see fit within the parameters of reasonable regulations. When what a private landowner wants to do on his or her property would cause major negative impacts beyond the property boundaries, however, it is time for regulatory bodies and the public to act to protect the public interest. As proposed, Acadia Wilderness Lodge would be way too big. 


Ben Emory 

Salisbury Cove 

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