To the Editor: Benefits of partisanship 

To the Editor:
Regarding our Senate District 7 special election, columnist Jill Goldthwait derides the goal of “keeping this Senate seat Blue.” I think a doctrinaire embrace of voting “person not party” may overlook the benefits of partisanship. And the contribution of different, even conflicting, agendas. Wait. What? Yes.

Our government translates the Scientific Method and the Golden Rule into a well ordered and nurturing civic community. We come to consensus through reasoned debate of empirical evidence. It’s how we transfer power, enact laws and interpret the Constitution. In the process, we settle our differences, civilly and for the time being. Times change, we change. Partisanship does not preclude working well together. A productive partisanship helps broaden perspectives and prioritize goals to keep things together as we move forward, together. We can do this. Parties help with the logistics.
I am not a diehard Democrat. I have voted Republican. I have been unenrolled. But when Donald Trump has such a stranglehold on the Republican party that even Sen. Susan Collins is not just whistling Dixie when she puts states’ rights over civil rights, keeping a Democratic majority matters. In Maine, it means a state Legislature that will tweak Gov. Janet Mills’ good ideas. And, please God not again, will have to restrain Paul LePage’s bad impulses. Democratic legislators do this better.

Also, as someone in my 70s, I think our longevity ought not keep the next generations in the wings. We need them on stage. As Goldthwait points out, Democratic candidate Nicole Grohoski is “one of the most knowledgeable legislators on utilities and broadband.” These are critical issues to Maine’s future the ability to support Maine’s workforce while attracting new industries and more workers. This and Grohoski’s profound understanding of environmental issues and climate science, which impact Mainers’ lives and Maine’s economy, make her the better candidate. Goldthwait is right to spotlight Grohoski’s proven record of putting her expertise to work by working across the aisle of knowing how and when to put party allegiance aside to put issues that matter to Mainers front and center. I think we can all agree these are very fine qualities.

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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