To the Editor: Because it’s necessary

To the Editor:

Why does the Town of Bar Harbor fail to supply sturdy, critter-proof trash receptacles, with routine disposal of them, at Hadley Point?

Hadley Point is a public beach and boat launch owned by the town of Bar Harbor and managed by the Parks and Rec Committee. Local and state Departments of Marine Resources manage the flats and fishing there. Recently, Hadley Point has been promoted as a perfect sunset destination by the Chamber of Commerce. Now, huge crowds gather there for sundown, to picnic and to burn campfires on the beach.

The town of Bar Harbor installed a porta-potty there. This partially acknowledges the need for sanitation and health, but no trash receptacles are provided anywhere. Instead, a peculiar agenda persists in being advanced – a seriously flawed expectation that visitors to Hadley Point will “carry out what they carry in.” They do not. Another entirely erroneous theory contends the trash at Hadley Point “washes up in storm surges.” For the most part, trash at Hadley Point has been, and will continue to be, generated and jettisoned by people visiting there. I’ve been admonished and told, “don’t complain,” because doing so will cause “higher taxes” or “hiring a monitor.”

Denying facts, how trash receptacles are not provided, directly contributes to the ongoing issues of questionable sanitation and health. Jettisoning garbage all over Hadley Point will persist. To reduce this atrocity requires providing sturdy, critter-proof trash receptacles at Hadley Point and their routine emptying. It’s the only sane, practical solution to correct immediately what is so miserably wrong and that which is increasing.

Without providing any trash receptacles, people will continue to litter. After sunset, when darkness falls, it’s similar to what happens to the floors of theaters and stadiums where popcorn containers, candy wrappers and drinks are dropped when people leave after shows or games.

Sadly, the fresh garbage increasingly left behind at Hadley Point includes dirty loaded diapers, beer cans, glass and plastic bottles, plastic cups, picnic refuse, packaging, wrappers, toys, fishing tackle and, although bewildering, a great many shoes, socks and underpants. Lots of rubbish is dropped into the vegetation along the parking lot perimeters and shoreline; some is eventually swept there by wind where it becomes hopelessly tangled.

Acadia National Park supplies sturdy critter-proof trash receptacles in parking lots, picnic areas, any spots where people crowd. It’s necessary. The town of Bar Harbor supplies trash receptacles throughout the downtown, by parks and playgrounds because it is necessary.

It’s time to do the same for Hadley Point, because it is necessary.

Beth Ellen Warner

Salsbury Cove

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