To the Editor: Be open to change 

To the Editor: 

Yes, it’s frustrating, and yes, it may seem that we receive conflicting health information and advice. But it’s only “conflicting” if we fail to realize that change is always with us, every day, every minute, a constant in our lives. If today’s notice is different from yesterday’s, that doesn’t mean it was necessarily wrong, but rather something has changed. So where are the answers? What do we believe? Facts, not opinions. Facts based on scientific study, research that never stops, evidence that says we now have more information and therefore must add to, even alter, what was told to us yesterday. 

I trust those scientists, doctors and researchers to give me the information I need to make intelligent decisions, and I support Dr. Shah, Governor Mills and President Biden for using that same information to formulate plans that they believe will help us deal with this virus. 

So, do we vaccinate or not? Mask or not? Stay with the facts, look at the evidence that is currently out there that supports both. As the virus continues to change, I will change with it. And though I am vaccinated, once again I am masking, doing my best to keep all of us healthy. 

Nancy Guy 


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