To the Editor: Be honest 

To the Editor: 

Is it more expedient to attack one man who is defending life than to try to defend the indefensible? 

Be honest about what an abortion is – the taking of a human life. Some try to couch this in words like “rights” and “choice,” but the procedure means ending a life – a most innocent life. 

Be honest. When was the last time you heard a debate on abortion? Few on the pro-abortion side have been willing. 

We know through neonatal science that at conception a human life begins growing, developing. It was never a clump of cells but a marvel of development and growth, the heart beating at three weeks. And in order to stop its growth, we have to stop its life. Can we defend taking this life? What has trying to do this done to our society? 

One of the most honest bumper stickers I saw some years ago read: ABORTION – One dead, one wounded. 


Anne Martina 

Bar Harbor 


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