To the Editor: Bar Harbor needs a sustainability coordinator 

To the Editor: 

The Bar Harbor Climate Emergency Task Force has developed the town of Bar Harbor Climate Action Plan (CAP) in order to provide a comprehensive set of strategies, actions and recommended implementation pathways towards the goal of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions across the Bar Harbor community by 2030. 

Although the task force has made some progress, fully implementing the CAP will be a full-time job best accomplished by a sustainability coordinator.  

The Town Council approved the hiring of a sustainability coordinator, pending the upcoming budget vote at Town Meeting in June. The task force eagerly awaits the hiring of the sustainability coordinator who will continue with work we have initiated, including continued data collection for our greenhouse gas emissions audit of town facilities, siting and installation of EV chargers purchased with grant funds, collaborating with Tremont and Mount Desert (with the support of A Climate to Thrive) to secure a Community Resilience Partnership Grant through the state of Maine.  

In addition to the EV charging stations, this grant will support climate education and outreach, improved energy efficiency codes for municipalities and a community bulk purchasing program to provide low-cost equipment such as heat pumps and solar for interested residents and businesses.   

Ken Cline of College of the Atlantic, along with Laura Berry, have been teaching a class on community-based climate solutions. The students’ projects were presented to the public on May 31 in the municipal building. These projects will surely provide the task force and the town with strategies and recommendations for meeting some of the goals of the CAP.  

Implementing those strategies, as well as many other recommendations from the task force, will require the dedication of a sustainability coordinator. The town meeting on June 7 will be followed by special elections on June 14.  


Jennifer Crandall  

Family and Consumer Science 

MDI High School 


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