To the Editor: Ban the CMP corridor 

To the Editor: 

Do not allow CMP to keep us in the dark about Question 1. Despite the ads that depict Question 1 as affecting more than high impact transmission line projects, it will not.

This transmission line project is not about going back in time to stop any other construction projects. It is about foreign companies from using Maine as a conduit to feed Massachusetts for big profits. It is about big corporations from taking our public lands from Mainers without any due process or law.

CMP ‘s damaging project, especially in the Upper Kennebec region, is owned by Iberdrola, a Spanish company with one of its major stockholders the rich Middle Eastern country of Qatar. They have spent over 30 million dollars to try to convince us that Maine will benefit from this horrible project.
Since Iberdrola took over CMP a decade ago, they initiated a massive project called the “Equipment Reliability Project.” This cost ratepayers 1.6 billion dollars. Since then, CMP reliability went from the best in the country to the worst. 

Do not let CMP keep Maine in the dark. Vote Yes to ban the CMP Corridor!

Ed Buzzell

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