To the Editor: At a loss 

To the Editor: 

I am writing belatedly on behalf of Dr. Nass because she is the best and most thorough doctor I have ever had in my life, and I cannot express how disappointed I am that her medical license is suspended and under investigation. I am at a loss for what to say in her defense because most people who have read news accounts of why her license is suspended already have strong opinions formed about this issue. 

All I can do is to communicate how utterly defeated I feel about having my doctor taken away from me. A year ago, I sought out Dr. Nass asking to be a patient of hers. I am a lifelong resident of Mount Desert Island and have had numerous experiences with health care providers at multiple clinics and have repeatedly been profoundly disappointed with the help I was offered. Since she works independent of any health care network, she offers a welcome alternative to rushed appointments and impersonal care. In my first appointment, she gave me an hour and a half of her time at a reasonable rate, as well as follow up phone calls free of charge. I left feeling that I finally had tangible steps to follow to fix the medical issues I had been seeking help for. 

It is important to recognize that Dr. Nass selects her patients carefully, and her patients also select her carefully. Most of her patients, like me, seek her out because they have been unable to find help within the local health care system. She, likewise, accepts patients who are already aware of her methods and philosophies. In the context of COVID, she was not trying to convince her patients to either get vaccinated or not get vaccinated. Rather, she accepted their decisions and helped them make the best plan for them. It is also important to note that Dr. Nass was being investigated before the incident occurred that was reported in the news. This investigation should be scrutinized for its legality and whether it was a tool to pressure an independent doctor unfairly. 

I hope others will do some serious thinking about the information marketplace, mainly whether the censorship and tunnel vision (on both sides) makes for an environment where we can make educated decisions. I also hope people will be vigilant and critical thinkers in regards to spotting bias from all sides in all news media. And if nothing else, I hope Dr. Nass will be remembered for all the patients she healed and gave hope to. 


Merlin Dilley 

Bass Harbor 

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