To the Editor: Are the Heroes All Gone? 

To the Editor: 

Are the heroes are all gone, did they leave long ago? 

The ones that would sacrifice, the ones that we owe. 

Our freedoms they kept, without wondering why, 

Their cause was our nation, for it they would die. 

They didn’t say no, and things will be fine. 

They didn’t say Liberty and then start to whine. 

They didn’t shout Freedom, but only for me, 

They knew what was true, and would always be. 

The “Me” generation has finally arrived, 

To do as they please, they won’t be deprived. 

To hell with my neighbor, if she gets sick, 

I just bought a cure, that will soon do the trick. 

Old Putin is smiling as he looks at the mess, 

The cowards he sees, have not passed the test. 

They’ll run and they’ll hide and want you to know, 

That they think it’s fine, if he runs the show. 

Rob Bauer 

Blue Hill 

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