To the Editor: And now here we are 

To the Editor: 

I imagine this letter is one of many surrounding the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. I would like to say a few words about this myself. 

I’ll just start out by stating this basic truth: People with uteruses are going to die. More specifically, poor people with uteruses, people of color with uteruses, trans people with uteruses, disabled people with uteruses – these are the people who, in states with trigger laws or those about to put bans in place, will suffer the most and who will die at higher rates. It is crucial to center this upcoming fight around those communities’ stories and voices. 

It is also important to recognize that this entire catastrophe could have been prevented. Since 1973, Democrats have had many opportunities to codify Roe, but chose not to. Instead, they decided to use reproductive rights (like Democrats use health care, like they use criminal justice reform, etc.) as a carrot on a stick to keep oppressed people on a leash, forced to buy into a system – into a party – that does not have, and never has had, their best interests at heart. Democrats chose to use fundamental human rights as a fundraising tactic, chose tote bags and bumper stickers over concrete legislation.  

And now here we are.  

The foundations of this country – and, in turn, the foundations of the two-party system and those parties themselves – were never based on protecting marginalized people’s freedoms. It was, is and always will be in its current form about protecting the wealthy and white. 

So yes, vote in this upcoming midterm election. Vote in every election. But do not forget: Current political institutions will never protect those who need protection most. Your engagement should not and cannot begin and end at the voting booth, it cannot end with casting your ballot in a racist and classist system and then going home like you changed the world. It has to be more than that. Politicians will not save us. People will save us. Local communities, mutual care and aid, love for those around you – that’s what will save us. Do not for a second stop fighting. 


Ruby Mahoney 

Bar Harbor 


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