To the Editor: An honest Senate race

To the Editor: 

The race between Nicole Grohoski and Brian Langley for the Maine Senate is both a challenge and opportunity. Both candidates are ethical and competent. Both have shown backbone in standing up to their party leadership. And, because of the quirks of legislative redistricting, most voters in our area will have an opportunity to choose twice, once in June and again in November.  

The challenge for voters is to consider what we really want from our public servants. The challenge for the candidates is to avoid being drawn into the national divisions encouraged by campaign money dumps. Langley and Grohoski can’t control these funds but should take forceful steps to reject nationalized polarization. The challenge to the media is to sufficiently describe the issues Grohoski and Langley will face and avoid treating their race as one for or against Mills, LePage, Biden, Trump, Pelosi or McCarthy. 

I hope we call all rise to meet this challenge. Maine has led the nation before, and we can do it again. 


Peter Sly 


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