To the Editor: Amazing local care

To the Editor:

After reading “State of Maine: Human connection missing from modern healthcare” (Islander, April 21), I am compelled to write.

My husband and I moved to the Island from southern Maine almost five years ago. In southern Maine, there is an abundance of medical services. Our experience was as Jill described – very little personal care. Here, we chose MDI Hospital’s Community Health Center in Southwest Harbor. Our first appointments with our provider, Tanya Hanke, D.O., were unbelievable. We were treated with such a personal touch. She asked many questions about who we were and all about our lives. The thoroughness of care that has followed is amazing.

I was referred to Dr. Hendricks last year for a routine colonoscopy (ugh). The care from Dr. Hendricks and the day surgery team at MDI Hospital was beyond compare.

Recently while helping a neighbor do some home improvements, I had an encounter with a skill saw. I sliced my finger pretty good. We rushed right down to the community health center. Ann Dundon, PA-C, rushed me right in, before even knowing I was a client of the health center. She was at lunch. She was going to suture the cut (even though she would miss her lunch) until she looked closer at the wound and wanted me seen at the ER. I thanked her and we went on to MDI’s ER.

I was greeted at registration by a nurse, “you’re the hand, Ann called, come right with me.” I was brought right back and given immediate care by an amazing nurse (sorry that I forgot her name) and William Mahan, PA-C. I was stitched up and given clear direction for next steps.

The next day I received a call from the ER and the health center asking how I was doing and if I had any concerns or questions.

I feel SO lucky to have found such amazing care locally. It is so much more personal and complete than anything we experienced in southern Maine. We have a gem in MDI Hospital and the Community Health Center. We are very grateful.


Stephen Cotreau

Southwest Harbor

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