To the Editor: All too familiar   

To the Editor: 

I am writing in response to Joseph T. Ryerson’s Letter to the Editor in the Aug. 11 Mount Desert Islander in reference to supporting Leonard Leo. 

Ryerson suggests that a 21-year-old young man of our community, exercising his First Amendment rights, should have been arrested. Sound familiar… the rich taking away the rights of Americans? Well, that is what this “rusticator” suggests while those of us who live here have completely different perspectives. To use the words from another editorial, Mainers care about “Marriage Equality; Abortion Rights; and Environmental Regulations. Why on Earth Would Leo Live Here? (He is against all three.)” 

Ryerson asks, “Is this what Northeast Harbor must now accept as part of peaceful rustication in this idyllic and historically civil village?” Yes sir, peaceful protests against a man who should be charged with much greater offensives than a misdemeanor. To support this man is the antithesis of the moral values and principles of this great state of Maine. Real Mainers should not allow the overly rich to dictate our lives.    

Eli Durand-McDonnell, 21, of Bar Harbor, is a community hero standing up for his convictions and his First Amendment rights. No one knows if what they say Durand-McDonnell said to Leonard Leo is true. I would not leap to conclusions and take Leo’s word to mean anything except in his own little overly rich circle.  

America is based on the concept of civil liberties. Leo is the knight of anti-rights and by definition un-American. Supporting him smacks of fascism, which clearly, we are not going to accept in Maine. I suggest finding some other place to rusticate. You will find no peace here while you support the unamerican concepts of this knight of nada! Drop the charges now!  

Michael Good  

Town Hill  


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