To the Editor: Affordable housing

To the Editor:

I recently moved back to Maine from Florida. My reasons were twofold: to spend more time with family here but also to take advantage of the abundance of seasonal jobs offered. Unfortunately, this very experienced and willing waitress realized quickly that the lack of affordable housing was and is a serious issue. I would have been happy to work out on the island for the duration of the season (and beyond). But there were almost zero apartments available in the Bar Harbor/Ellsworth area. That is, unless you want to pay upward of $1,500 a month to live. Perhaps someone should start thinking about developing some studio/one-bedroom affordable housing options to offer to good workers such as myself. Believe me, I don’t think the overriding issue is lack of seasonal help — it’s lack of housing. If someone wants to give me a gas card, I’ll happily commute from over here in Bangor (where I was able to find a place to live) to wait tables. I wish the coastal restaurants the best of luck this (hopefully) busy summer.

Christine M. Dupuy


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