To the Editor: Accountability needed 

To the Editor: 

An open letter to Sens. Collins and King: 

I am asking you, as my senators but also as members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to learn all the details about and then share what is possible about the documents found at Mar-a-Lago without harming national security. 

Here are my questions: 

(1) What classified material was taken and was it at Donald Trump’s request at the end of the Trump presidency on Jan 20, 2021. 

(2) Was the only destination for documents Mar-A-Lago or was some sent other places. If so, where, and have all those documents been retrieved? 

3) Specifically, what was returned to National Archives or to intelligence designation destinations in 2021 and on various dates in the 2022 8/26 affidavit reported 184 classified documents in boxes taken by FBI in January 2022 — 8/30 document listed many more retrieved in June and August. 

(4) Why were these classified materials taken? Reports during the Trump presidency were that then-President Trump was not interested in intelligence briefings. 

(5) Is there any connection to Russia? [In light of the 2020 Senate Intelligence Committee report highlighting Russian interference supporting Trump in the 2016 election.] 

If the rule of law is to remain, there needs to be accountability. 

Pam Person 


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