To the Editor: A necessary switch

To the Editor: 

Our land is sinking underwater. The United Nations predicts that the water level could rise an entire yard by the year 2100. My name is Sylvie, and through my expedition at King Middle School, I’ve learned about the major role fossil fuels play in climate destruction. Burning these nonrenewable energy sources releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I’ve experienced the effects of climate change firsthand: hotter summers, higher tides, more hurricanes. I strongly believe that replacing fossil fuels with hydroelectric power is the most efficient way to bring Maine into a carbon-neutral future. 

Hydroelectric power is a clean energy source with a minimal impact on the environment. Operating hydroelectric power plants releases zero carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Moreover, fish are rarely affected with the newly developed passageways for them to use when migrating. Channeling the water’s energy has adapted to be more environmentally friendly, while NASA explains that burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of global warming. Additionally, the consequences of fossil fuels disproportionately affect poor communities. The hydroelectric power industry not only treats all of its users equally, but also continues to expand. The industry has found ways to harness tidal, ocean thermal and wave energy. The estimated energy potential of the waves along the United States’ coasts alone is equal to 64 percent of the total electricity produced in 2018. The information is glaring; Hydroelectric energy is the smartest energy choice for Earth’s future. 

To summarize, fossil fuels are polluting our environment and causing climate change. I’m confident that shifting from the use of those climate-killers to clean hydroelectric energy is the best way to solve this crisis. We’ve watched multiple generations throughout history procrastinate taking action, but now we have no choice. Our planet is changing, and we children will suffer the consequences. As an advocate for reaching a carbon-neutral future, I demand action. Maine’s population must make the switch from fossil fuels to hydroelectric power to ensure a sustainable energy future. 


Sylvie Holmes 



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