To the Editor: A call to action 

To the Editor: 

This letter is addressed to Governor Janet Mills and Dr. Nirav Shah. 

Dear Governor Mills and Dr. Shah: 

I am aware that you have access to the best advice in Maine and the entire nation with regard to the management of a pandemic. I wish to share an opinion that I have not heard stated. 

You have been magnificent in your management of the pandemic for all who reside in the state of Maine. We have consistently been among the three safest states in which to live. It has been exemplary work. We owe you and your teams a great debt. 

As you are now aware, the illness is spreading in families and among small groups and gatherings. It is going to get worse, as you have seen in the majority of other states. It will take a major effort to turn around the momentum that is sure to gain in Maine. The sooner you take bold action for all of us the better. Please ask your best advisors to provide a plan that is more than reminding us to wear our masks. 

Please find the resources for those of us who need help with the impossible financial crush of the loss of work and the failure of a second stimulus package. Maine has a good credit rating, Moody’s Aa2. Please borrow the funds needed and anticipate reimbursement from federal dollars with the next stimulus from the current or the next administration in Washington, D.C. 

Be firm on the reduction of exposure of our children in schools and colleges. The schools are about to become unsafe to attend. Develop and support remote learning for everyone. Save our hospital resources before there is a critical shortage of beds and people to staff those beds for care. Manage the borders with firmness. Keep essential workers safe from the rest of us. 

I know that you know the issues and the plans that need to be developed to resolve these issues. The critical commodity is time. The longer you/we wait, the deeper the debt and the longer will be the recovery. The only mistake to be made at this juncture is to act too late. 

Please act swiftly and decisively. We will all be happier in the long run. 

Jeff Milliken 

East Blue Hill 

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