Time to govern

To the Editor:

Now that the elections are over in Maine, it is time to govern. The next two years are going to prove critical to the next decade and beyond in Maine. We have to get this right, we have to be bold, and we have to make permanent, transformative change, or the state we love will only find itself in more trouble.

Advocates for freedom and opportunity historically fight elections and then move on with their lives. But it is what we do after the election that truly matters. That’s where The Maine Heritage Policy Center comes in. We have a historic opportunity to change Maine, and we need your help.

This year, we are going to push for comprehensive welfare reform, substantial cuts to the personal and corporate income tax, lowering energy costs, wholesale regulatory reform and worker choice.

But we can’t do it without you. Maine Heritage has been fighting for these causes – and winning – for twelve years now. We get no money from the government, and we survive on gifts from people who believe what we believe.

Without an organization like The Maine Heritage Policy Center to fight for the causes we all believe in, the elections will have amounted to nothing.

Matthew Gagnon

Chief Executive Officer

Maine Heritage Policy Center


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