To the Editor:

We have been summer residents of Otter Creek for more than 40 years. We have read about and experienced the disrespectful behavior of some summer visitors, ranging from poop bags on land magnanimously left open to the public by David Rockefeller, disregard for no bicycle signs, speeding in the park on both bicycles and in cars, and screaming children.

It just takes a few people to give many a bad name.

I am writing to tell of an incident which counters this. My husband and I, each age 85, followed the new beautifully appointed Quarry Trail in Otter Creek recently. At the end, in order to get onto the Park Loop Road at Otter Cove, there are two steps at least a foot high. With enthusiasm, two canes each, but with bad knees, we stood atop the steps wondering how to make it down. Along came a gentleman walking against the traffic. He asked if he could help us.

With the aid of his arm, we got down those steps in no time at all. Looking towards the way he came, we saw a car parked by the road; we asked if that was his car, and of course it was. He had been driving the loop road and saw us perched on top of the huge steps. He stopped his car, got out and came to assist us. Thank you, sir. Your thoughtfulness will be long remembered. You are a model for us all.

Margot and Ernest Kohorn

Otter Creek