Switching support

To the Editor:

In the last election, I voted for Republican Brian Langley for state senator, having long known him as a fine man. While in office, he has done some good things, especially shepherding an important anti-bullying bill through the legislature.

On a few occasions, he has even voted to override vetoes by Governor Paul LePage, though they are both Republicans.

But there have been too many times that he has supported bad vetoes by the governor, even changing his position to do so. The worst example was his deciding vote to uphold Gov. LePage’s veto of Medicaid insurance expansion, thus keeping tens of thousands of Mainers without insurance and turning many millions of Federal dollars away from Maine. That is money we could well use. Just in Hancock County, more than 3,000 people would get health insurance. A healthy population is good for all of us, and saves us lots of money.

So this year, I am supporting Democrat Ted Koffman to be our state senator. Ted has enormous experience as college administrator at College of the Atlantic, state representative for Mount Desert Island until he got term-limited out, and most recently as director of Maine Audubon.

Ted will work to help poor people get a leg up instead of vilifying them like Gov. LePage does. Ted will use his vast experience and knowledge to support business while protecting our environment – the only one we have – and certainly to help more people get the medical insurance they need.

Peter Rees