Sustainable growth

To the Editor:

It seems like things had become pretty rancorous in Bar Harbor around politics and the vision for the town in recent years, so it was absolutely wonderful to see how residents came together in an overwhelming show of support to purchase the ferry terminal property on June 12.

It’s moments like this that remind me so strongly of what brings us together, rather than what sets us apart. We all have a love for the island, for the park and for the ocean.

The vote to buy the ferry terminal property sent a resounding message that we want to maintain local control, we want water access and we want development that fits within our community’s traditions.

Well done, and a huge thank you to all the Bar Harbor citizens who came out to vote. I look forward to seeing an open dialogue and inclusive planning process for the next stage of the property’s development. In doing so, all of us living on Frenchman Bay have the opportunity to influence the direction of smart, sustainable growth for our beautiful area.

Sarah Steinhardt


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